***Please note that JICUF Grant Guidelines are currently under revision. Updates will be posted online by the end of January. For more information, please contact Fernando Rojas at frojas@jicuf.org.***


As part of our commitment to further strengthening the capacity of ICU’s outstanding student body, the Japan ICU Foundation is pleased to provide grants to ICU students.


We welcome applications in two grant categories:

A. Program

In this category, we aim to support programs organized and implemented by ICU students. While we will consider funding a broad range of initiatives, emphasis will be given to programs with a global component. Examples of programs we will support include service projects, special club/circle activities, performances, and student-led workshops.


B. Research

The second category is support for student research. We welcome inquiries from all academic fields. All research proposals require the approval and guidance of an academic advisor.



Applicants must be enrolled as degree-seeking students at ICU at the time the grant proposal is submitted and throughout the duration of the grant activity. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for Program Grants. However, Research Grants are only available to undergraduate students. Individual students, groups of students and/or clubs and circles are eligible to apply, but each application must be submitted by a primary applicant. The primary applicant must be a degree-seeking student at ICU.


We encourage partnerships both within and outside of ICU. Although the primary grant applicant must be an ICU student, it is possible to partner with an external person or organization. Examples may include partnering with a student from another university on a research proposal, or partnering with an NPO on a service project.


We are open to receiving grant inquiries of all sizes. Grants may be requested in US Dollar or in Japanese Yen denominations.

Tax Implications

Grant recipients are responsible for paying taxes on the grant income received. The amount of the tax will depend upon each recipient's unique financial situation. The JICUF is not able to provide counsel on individual tax matters.

Application Timeline

There are three application periods during the academic year, based upon ICU's trimester system. Each consists of three steps.

Step 1 - Submit grant inquiry
Step 2 - Submit grant proposal (if inquiry is successful)
Step 3 - Grant awards announced

2017 Deadlines

Deadlines for the 2017 will be posted by the end of January.

Review Process

Grant inquiries will be reviewed by the JICUF staff, in order to ensure proper fit with our grant categories and eligibility requirements. Qualified applicants will be invited to submit a grant proposal. Proposals will then be reviewed by the JICUF staff as well as an independent Grants Committee. Final decisions will be made by the Grants Committee.


Grantees will have up to one year to complete their grant activities. The final grant report must be submitted to JICUF no later than 60 days after the grant activity is completed. JICUF will send a closing letter to the grant awardee once the report is received.