Project Title:  Peace-Making Initiatives through Collaborations between ICU and Secondary Schools in Japan and Overseas
Applicant: Prof. Yasunori Morishima
Grant Amount: ¥630,000

Project Summary:
This project is an initial step of a long-term program for the promotion of peace-making initiatives in collaboration of ICU students and participating high school students from Japan and overseas. In the project for 2016, a group of ICU students, under the supervision of faculty members, will work as a liaison/facilitator to organize a conference in Hiroshima in which the participating students discuss selected topics on world peace and find what they can do. The organizing students will work on preparatory activities including preliminary communications with the participating students, and travel arrangements.

The grant will be used for the preparation and execution of these activities, including the cost of traveling and lodging of the invited delegation. We believe that this would make an impact on the hearts of not only the participants but also their peers through them. Also, it would contribute to the raising the visibility of and interest in this institution among prospective students in Japan and overseas.