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Paul Hastings, JICUF Executive Director

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Over the last five years, the number of degree-seeking undergraduate international students in Japan has decreased by 9%. To counter this trend, we launched the JICUF Global Scholarship Program earlier this year . Under this program, JICUF has created two initiatives: the Syrian Scholars Initiative and the United States Scholars Initiative.

The Syrian Scholars Initiative (SSI) will provide full scholarships to a total of six Syrian refugee students matriculating between 2018 and 2021. Due to the Syrian Civil war, an estimated 150,000 university-qualified Syrian youths lack access to education. ICU’s unique history and its commitment to international cooperation and peace motivated us to launch SSI. The six SSI recipients will be uniquely positioned to contribute to the rebuilding of Syria.

The United States Scholars Initiative (USSI) will provide full-tuition support to two incoming first-year students from the U.S. starting in 2018. The US-Japan relationship is vital, and yet only 309 US citizens were studying as degree-seeking undergraduates in Japan in 2016. USSI recipients will be in a unique position to play a key role in the future of US-Japan relations.

Will you join our combined efforts to support international students at ICU by making a donation? Increasing the number of international students at ICU is one of President Junko Hibiya’s top priorities. JICUF is unique among charitable organizations in that 100% of the contributions we receive are used directly for programs, and we deduct no overhead costs. Donations to JICUF are tax-deductible according to US tax law. Your support makes a strong impact!

Thank you for your consideration.


Paul Hastings
Executive Director

Give to Global Scholarships

Syrian Scholars Initiative

The Syrian Scholars Initiative (SSI) is a full scholarship that supports Syrian students who were displaced by the conflict throughout their entire undergraduate education at ICU. It covers tuition, various university fees, housing, living expenses, insurance and one-way travel to Japan. It is an seven-year program from 2018 to 2025 which will support six students in total for four years each.


United States Scholars Initiative

The United States Scholars Initiative (USSI) aims to increase the number of international, degree-seeking undergraduate students from the United States at ICU. This merit-based scholarship will provide full-tuition supportfor four years of undergraduate study at ICU. Starting in 2018, two incoming first-year students will receive the scholarship annually. Please help us support U.S. students study at ICU! 

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