Grant Final Report

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Thank you in advance for completing your grant report as fully as possible. Your responses will assist the Japan ICU Foundation in evaluating our grants initiative and as such are for our internal use and will be held in confidence. JICUF, however, reserves the right to excerpt anonymously from this report as necessary. Grant reports are due no more than 60 days after your grant activity is completed.

The report should have three sections, as outlined below.  Once you have completed your final report, upload your files using the Final Report Submission Form at the bottom of this page.

Should you have any questions regarding any section of the final report, feel free to contact Fernando Rojas at


This section should be no more than 5 double-spaced pages in Times New Roman size-12 font. Because JICUF provides grants for a broad array of activities, the following guidelines may not pertain to each grant recipient. Please answer the questions that are most suited to your grant.

  • A summary of your project. Treat this section as a brief article that is introducing your project to a new audience. Instead of listing project activities line-by-line, focus on the most essential and interesting aspects of your project.
  • What challenges or surprises did you face in implementing your project? What effect did these challenges have on the execution of your project? How did your project evolve over time?
  • Discuss any connections made during your project. These connections could be within or outside of the ICU campus.
  • How did your project enrich the ICU campus? How has it helped you in your academic and/or professional life?
  • How do you plan on disseminating your work/findings? Please list plans for future presentations and/or dissemination as concretely as possible.


Please download and use the Financial Report Template. Using the approved budget submitted with your grant application as your guide, you must indicate the actual expense amount for each line item. Although you do not need to submit original receipts, you must provide photocopies of receipts for any expense over ¥5000.


Please submit copies of any publications (books, meeting agendas, reports) and media (videos, photos, recordings, etc.) produced as a result of the grant. Mailed materials should be sent to:

Japan ICU Foundation
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 439
New York, NY 10115

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