Since our founding in 1948, the Japan ICU Foundation has sought to raise funds to support ICU. With the generous contributions of thousands of donors in the United States, we have been and continue to be able to provide ICU with undergirding support. In fact, 100% of the support we receive goes directly to exciting programs at ICU.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work!

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Planned giving refers to several specific gift types that can be funded with cash, equity, or property. Planned gifts, sometimes also called deferred gifts, are referred to as such because they require more planning, negotiation and counsel than many other gifts. Whether you use cash or other assets, the benefits of funding a planned gift can make this type of charitable giving very attractive to both the donor and charity.

Potential Benefits of Planned Gifts 

  • Increase current income for the donor or others

  • Reduce the donor’s income tax

  • Avoid capital gains tax

  • Pass assets to family at a reduced tax cost

  • Make significant donations to charity

There are many different types of planned gifts, including bequests, trusts, and contracts between a donor and a charity. If you are interested in learning more about making a planned gift to the Japan ICU Foundation, please fill in the following form and a member of our advancement staff will be in touch with you.

The Taizanso Gardens on ICU's beautiful campus in Mitaka.
The Taizanso Gardens on ICU’s beautiful campus in Mitaka.