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designated donations

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JICUF provides grants to ICU faculty and students to support their academic, cultural and social activities. 
Twice a year, faculty and students have the opportunity to apply for funding. JICUF offers up to $100,000 annually to support their projects. 
Faculty can apply for two categories of grants: program grants or the visiting scholars program.
Students can apply for the student travel fund or student activity fund.  

Please help us support ICU faculty and students pursue their projects! 



students on grass


JICUF Global Scholarships has three subcategories, the Syrian Scholars Initiative, U.S. Scholars Initiative, and the Study Abroad Initiative. 

The Syrian Scholars Initiative (SSI) is a seven-year program that will provide full scholarships to six Syrian refugee students throughout their undergraduate studies at ICU. 

The U.S. Scholars Initiative (USSI) offers full-tuition scholarships to two U.S. students throughout their undergraduate studies at ICU.

The Study Abroad Scholarship awards $10,000 to one current ICU student who wishes to participate in an Exchange Program at one of ICU’s partner institutions.


momi house
new dorms
momi lounge

new dormitories

Two new dormitories, Momi House and Maple House, opened in April 2017. ICU is running a fundraising campaign for the new dormitories until March 13, 2019. 

Letter from President Junko Hibiya

ICU President Junko Hibiya

Ever since the First Men’s and Women’s Dorms opened their doors in 1955, ICU’s dormitories have been educational living quarters where students explore and practice liberal arts. In addition to the eight dormitories that currently house students, two new buildings will open in April 2017. This will increase the capacity of dorms to approximately 900 students total, which is roughly 30% of the student body.

ICU is committed to pursuing globalization through the Top Global University Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT), and providing dormitories where Japanese and non-Japanese students live side by side is part of such efforts.

We request your support for the construction and maintenance of the new dorms as well as our new endeavor to host community activities in the dorms. 

Junko Hibiya
President of ICU