Funding Opportunities for Faculty & Students

In 2016, JICUF introduced a new system through which ICU faculty and students can directly apply to JICUF for funding to support their academic, cultural and social activities. 

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Program Grants

Program Grants encourage ICU faculty and educational staff to develop projects of interest and benefit to the ICU community. Projects in this category include on-campus events and activities (i.e. academic workshops, symposia, conferences, etc.) and faculty-led exchange and service trips for ICU students.

Visiting Scholars Program

JICUF encourages ICU faculty to sponsor influential professionals to visit ICU through the Visiting Scholars Program. During their brief stay at ICU, visiting scholars actively engage and share their knowledge with the ICU community through lectures, class discussions, workshops, and informal conversations.

Student Travel Fund

The Student Travel Fund supports projects that require student travel, both inside and outside of Japan. Applicants must submit proposals for either research or service-oriented projects.

Student Activities Fund

The Student Activities Fund is designed to support student events and activities. Projects that are likely to benefit the ICU community will be considered for funding. New and innovative projects are especially welcomed.