Study Abroad Scholarship

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Application for 2020 has ended.

What is the Study Abroad Scholarship?

The Japan ICU Foundation’s Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded each year to one ICU student planning to participate in an outgoing Exchange Program at one of ICU’s partner institutions or an IES/CIEE Study Abroad Program. * (A list of all exchange/study abroad programs is here.) The total scholarship amount will be $10,000 for a full-year (three terms at ICU) program.

* Students applying for programs that are shorter than one year (equivalent to one or two terms at ICU) or that begin before or in June 2020 (early departure programs) are not eligible. (Please see the “Eligibility” section below for more information.)  

With support received from the ICU Alumni Association in the Americas and from direct giving of ICU alumni and friends, this scholarship was established in 2012 to encourage more ICU students to consider studying abroad. We wish in particular to support students who have financial need. Please see below for eligibility, application process and timeline.

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Application Information

  • All applicants must:

    • be an enrolled, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate student at ICU,
    • be in good academic standing at ICU,
    • apply to a full-year (equivalent to three terms at ICU) Exchange Program at one of ICU’s partner institutions or an IES/CIEE Study Abroad program,*
    • demonstrate financial need.

    *Students will apply to both the Exchange/Study Abroad Program and the scholarship at the same time. The scholarship recipient will be ultimately selected from the students accepted to Exchange/Study Abroad Programs.

    Students applying for programs that are shorter than one year (equivalent to one or two terms at ICU) or “early departure” programs at the following universities beginning in or before June 2020 are not eligible:

    Ewha Womans University (Korea)*
    Korea University (Korea)*
    Yonsei University (Korea)*
    Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Chile)*
    Silliman University (Philippines)
    The University of Queensland (Australia)
    Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
    The University of Sydney (Australia)
    The University of Waikato (New Zealand)

    *If you are applying to start your studies in fall 2020 at these universities, you are eligible to apply, as it will not be considered an “early departure” program. (You are not eligible only if you are applying to start your studies before June 2020.)


  • September 1, 2019 Application for Study Abroad Scholarship 2018-19 opens
    October 31, 2019 Application closes
    Early December, 2019 Results announced at the same time as results for ICU’s Exchange/Study Abroad program
  • The application will open on September 1, 2019. The deadline is 11:59pm Japan time on October 31, 2019. 

  • Q: What is the amount of the scholarship? 
    A: It is $10,000 for a full-year program. 

    Q: Can the scholarship be used at any university?
    A: Students applying to study for a full-year (three terms at ICU) from fall 2020 at any partner university in ICU’s Exchange and Study Abroad Programs may apply. (Students applying for programs that are shorter than a year (one or two terms at ICU), or that begin before or in June 2020 are not eligible.) 

    Q: Will priority be given to students with financial need?
    A: Yes, priority will be given to students who have financial need. It is our hope that students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to study abroad may do so with this scholarship.

  • The application form will be available from September 1 to October 31, 2019.