Nurturing Global Citizens in Japan and Beyond   

Our Story

In the aftermath of WWII, visionaries in Japan and the United States came together to build a university in Japan that would educate global citizens who serve God and humanity. The Japan ICU Foundation was incorporated in New York in 1949 to support this endeavor, and International Christian University (ICU) was founded the same year. ICU has since grown into a leading university that remains a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

Today, the world is more interconnected than ever and we face daunting challenges from climate change to the refugee crisis. With our eyes on the future, JICUF’s mission is to work with ICU to nurture global citizens who contribute to the well-being of humanity.  We fulfill this mission by focusing on three themes: Sustainability, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), and Peacebuilding. The Foundation considers these themes core responsibilities of global citizens and key to the common good. The Foundation envisions a community of global citizens who actively contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future for humanity. Our efforts are dedicated to making this vision a reality.

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