Japan and the Sustainable Development Goals

This online discussion series will focus on how contemporary global challenges are viewed within Japanese society and how Japan reacts to these challenges, both domestically and internationally. The series will utilize the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and each session will focus on a significant global challenge associated with one or more SDGs.

The sessions will feature talks by experts and will be moderated by an ICU professor. The series is primarily intended for ICU students, although ICU alumni and friends of JICUF will be invited to participate if space permits. These sessions will be conducted in English.

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Recordings of past sessions are below.

Session 5: Quality Education for All
Thursday, February 18: 8:00PM ~ 9:30PM JST

Speaker Speaker Faculty Moderator
Yukiko Matsuyoshi Yoshiyuki Nagata Mikiko Nishimura

Senior Donor Lead for Asia Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

Professor, Department of Education
University of the Sacred Heart

Professor, Department of Education

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  • Yukiko Matsuyoshi

    Yukiko Matsuyoshi is based in Paris, France and working as the Senior Donor Lead for Asia at Global Partnership for Education (GPE) which is hosted by the World Bank. Her main responsibility is to sensitize the importance of providing support to developing countries in education and to mobilize funding for education from Asian donors. Prior to that, she has worked with UN agencies for over 10 years in both humanitarian and development contexts and also served as a government official/diplomat for Japanese Foreign Ministry in Tokyo and Vietnam for over 5 years. Extensive field-based work in conflict-affected, developing and disaster-risk states, most notably Afghanistan and Jordan working with UNICEF and UNESCO.

    Yoshiyuki Nagata

    Yoshiyuki Nagata worked for UNESCO and other international organizations for 20 years. Since 2007 he has been Professor, Department of Education, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. He is also a Vice-director of the Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures (SHISF) since April 2017. Much of his research has been devoted to ESD and Education for Peace/Sustainability. He was a member of the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert Group for ESD at UNESCO Headquarters. Also, he is an international jury for the UNESCO/Japan ESD Award (2015-2019). Based on an international comparative study, he published Alternative Education: Global Perspectives Relevant to the Asia-Pacific Region (Springer) and is an author of many other publications, including The Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education, published in 2016.

    Mikiko Nishimura

    Mikiko Nishimura is a Professor of Sociology of Education and International Educational Development, and Director of the Service-Learning Center at International Christian University. Prior to her current position, she was an Associate Specialist at Japan International Cooperation Agency, a development consultant, and an Associate Professor at Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies of Kobe University. Her primary research interests are analysis of education reforms and policies, community participation in education, gender in education, civic/community engagement and liberal arts education. She has worked extensively in education planning and research in developing countries as a development consultant and researcher.

  • Session 1 (10/28/20): Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

    Koh Miyaoi, Asia Pacific Gender Team Leader (United National Development Program)

    Mariko Saito, National Coordinator (WE EMPOWER Japan)

    ICU Faculty Moderator
    Natsumi Ikoma, Professor (Literature; Gender and Sexuality Studies)


    Session 2 (11/11/20): Global Poverty and Inequality

    Aya Abe, Professor of Social Policy (Tokyo Metropolitan University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

    Sarah Renner, Consultant (United Nations)

    ICU Faculty Moderator
    Herman Salton, Associate Professor (International Studies; Peace Studies)


    Session 3 (12/9/20): Climate Action

    Hinako Arao, Field Organizer (350 Japan)

    ICU Faculty Moderator
    Ryosuke Fujinuma, Associate Professor (Environmental Studies)


    Session 4 (1/21/21): Zero Hunger

    Gavin Whitelaw (Sociocultural Anthropologist, 
    Executive Director of Harvard University’s Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies)

    ICU Faculty Moderator
    Shaun Malarney, Professor (Anthropology)



Session 3: Climate Action
Wednesday, December 9: 9:00AM ~ 10:30AM JST

Hinako Arao

Livia Hollins

Ryosuke Fujinuma

Field Organizer, 350 Japan
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Faculty Moderator

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