Student Funds

Now Accepting Applications!
Deadline – Monday, September 30 at 23:59 (Japan Time)

Not currently accepting applications.
The next cycle will open in early 2020.

As part of our commitment to further strengthening the capacity of ICU’s outstanding student body, the Japan ICU Foundation is pleased to provide support to ICU students. Through this initiative, ICU students will learn to develop and manage projects of interest to them. All degree-seeking ICU students are eligible to apply for either the Student Travel Fund or the Student Activities Fund.

JICUF encourages ICU students to create innovative projects aligned with ICU’s commitment to the liberal arts. Preference will be given to original initiatives conceived, designed, and implemented by ICU students themselves. We will also consider proposals to support projects that have previously been funded. We do not, however, provide either support or reimbursement for projects that have been completed or will be completed by the project start date.

In addition to the above criteria, all projects must fall within the scope of at least one of the following themes:

  • International – Projects under this theme involve international travel, explicitly focus on international issues, include participation from collaborators abroad, etc.
  • Christian – Projects under this theme contemplate, examine, enact, and/or express Christian values such as compassion, social service, peaceful inclusion, and unbiased acceptance. Examples include volunteer activities, faith-based activities, projects that focus on the marginalized, etc.
  • University – Projects under this theme have either a research or teaching component, or deal with issues faced by the ICU community. Projects include research trips related to a student’s major, hosting academic conferences at ICU, workshops to benefit ICU students and faculty, etc.

Sample Application Forms

Below are samples of the Inquiry Form, samples of the proposal forms for the Student Travel Fund and the Student Activities Fund, and a sample of the Grant Budget Form used for both programs. These sample forms are intended to serve as a guide. To apply for funding, please click the “Apply Here” button on the left of this page, and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, please email JICUF Program Manager Fernando Rojas at


The Student Travel Fund supports projects that require student travel, both inside and outside of Japan. These projects must be either research or service-oriented. Research projects should relate to the applicant’s academic major or minor. Service projects must involve service-oriented or volunteering.


The Student Activities Fund is designed to support student events and activities. Projects that are likely to benefit the ICU community will be considered for funding. New and innovative projects are especially welcomed.