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Dear ICU Alumni & Friends,

For those of us who value the free interchange of ideas and people across borders, the last few years have been concerning. Anti-immigrant and anti-global sentiments have found a new voice in political arenas throughout Europe and the United States. Social media, which only a few years ago was viewed as a positive uniting force, has been shown to stoke division. Meanwhile, the efficacy of a free press and of democratic values and norms is being questioned in all corners of the globe. Indeed, respected commentators are warning about the breakdown of the post-WWII international order.

Although the international order is flawed and has certainly led to hardship and suffering for many people and countries, recent developments are nevertheless disconcerting. We live in precarious times, and it is more important now than ever to stand up for our values and vision of the world.

ICU was founded by visionaries. In her book about the history of ICU, Higher Education for Tomorrow, Dr. Kiyoko Takeda Cho wrote about the founding of ICU. She wrote,

This was the formation of a university that would remain steadfast in its principles and ideas about education and image of the kind of people it sought to create, as well as in its desire to raise those who would devote themselves to the peaceful advance of human society, all the while bearing in mind the problems of conflict and coexistence among multiple systems of cultural values. (p. 17)

While ICU has remained “steadfast in its principles,” it is not enough to rest on our laurels. Indeed, ICU’s founders always viewed ICU as an experiment requiring incessant effort. Dr. Takeda Cho continues, “I believe that, far ahead of its time, this ‘experiment’ grappled with the problems involved in the ‘coexistence of diverse elements,’ which humankind as a whole must now face in the twenty-first century” (p 35). Now in 2018, we are in the midst of the struggle.

Here at the Japan ICU Foundation, we are doing what we can to contribute to the ongoing experiment that is ICU. During the 2017-18 fiscal year (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018), which is the subject of this annual report, we launched the JICUF Global Scholarship program. Through this program, we are offering four types of scholarships; the United States Scholars Initiative, the Syrian Scholars Initiative, the Exchange Student Scholarship and the Study Abroad Scholarship. Please let me briefly explain the nature of each.

The United States Scholars Initiative (USSI) aims to increase the number of international, degree-seeking undergraduate students from the United States at ICU. This merit-based scholarship provides full-tuition support for four years of undergraduate study at ICU. Starting in 2018, two incoming first-year students will receive the scholarship annually. The applicants must be United States citizens and have completed high school in the United States. They must also demonstrate an interest in Japan, the Japanese language and the liberal arts.

The Syrian Scholars Initiative (SSI) is a full scholarship that supports Syrian students who were displaced by the Syrian Civil War throughout their entire undergraduate education at ICU. The scholarship covers tuition, university fees, housing, living expenses, insurance and travel to Japan. The funding for SSI is being provided by both JICUF and ICU.

The Exchange Student Scholarship aims to encourage students enrolled in ICU’s exchange partner universities to pursue study abroad at ICU. The needs-based scholarship provides financial assistance to students who would like to study abroad at ICU, but do not have adequate financial resources. Each year approximately five students receive this scholarship, and the majority of them spend one academic year at ICU. Students apply directly to ICU for the scholarship.

The Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded each year to one ICU student planning to participate in an outgoing Exchange Program at one of ICU’s partner institutions or an IES/CIEE Study Abroad Program. Applicants are assessed by their financial need, and the scholarship amount is $10,000 for a full-year program.

In addition to the JICUF Global Scholarship, we supported several exciting international projects through our Faculty Program Grant, Student Activities Fund and Student Travel Fund programs during the last fiscal year. You can read about some of these exciting projects below.

Finally, our Global Link program continues to develop. We welcomed 15 students to New York City in the summer of 2017 for our one-month flagship program. In addition, ICU Professor Stephen Nagy led a group of six students to China for a two-week study tour in March 2018.

Through all of our work, we seek to enhance ICU’s mission of cultivating globally minded citizens. Thank you for joining us in this mission.


Paul Hastings
Executive Director



The following covers the April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018 fiscal year.

Financial Support for Campus Facilities

Global House/Othmer Library – $244,553.47
New Dorms Campaign – $64,400
Sakura Fund – $250
Kidder Memorial Fund for the Hachiro Yuasa Museum – $150

Total Support for Campus Facilities – $309,353.47

Financial Support for Students

Support for International Scholarships – $42,690.63 (note: includes SAS, study abroad, and payment for USSI registration fees)
Student Travel Grants – $39,045.68
Norman Sun and Ruth Q. Sun Fund for Chinese Students – $21,539
Fujimoto Scholarship – $20,000
James C. Caraher Scholarship Fund – $12,251
Warnhuis Fund – $9,549
Support for ICU HS Students Participation in International Summer Programs – $8,000
General Scholarship Support – $3,928
Horie Takamatsu and Koh Endowed Scholarship – $2,000
Peace Bell Scholarship – $1,700
Student Activities Grants – $1,695.15
Valley Foundation Scholarship – $1,012
Jessie M. Bader Asian Scholarship Fund for Asian Students – $676

Total Support for Students – $164,086.46

Financial Support for Faculty

Faculty Program Grants – $40,863.39
UBCHEA Endowment Fund for Christian Professors from China – $9,549
Visiting Scholars Fund – $3,089

Total Support for Faculty – $53,501.39



Campus Facilities: $50,000
General Unrestricted Contributions: $45,682.57
Peace Bell Scholarship: $22,250
JICUF Global Scholarships: $7,149.27
Syrian Scholars Initiative: $7,025
Named Rooms: $3,500
Scholarships: $2,725.11
United States Scholars Initiative: $2,325
New Dorms Campaign: $2,200
Global Link China: $2,000
Seabury Chapel Fund: $1,550
Study Abroad Scholarship: $1,050
Education & Research Fund: $1,000
Library: $800
Rethinking Peace Studies: $500
ICU Church: $260
Christian Work: $172.77
Grants: $50
Taizanso: $25

Total Contributions to JICUF: $150,264.72



Q: How much support did the Japan ICU Foundation provide to ICU in FY2017-18?

A: In total we provided ICU with $957,763 in support. This includes the support for campus facilities, students, faculty and also the programmatic expenses incurred by the Japan ICU Foundation. Here is the breakdown:

  • Support for Campus Facilities – $309,353
  • Support for Students – $164,086
  • Support for Faculty – $96,192
  • JICUF Program Expenses – $388,132

Total Support for ICU – $957,763.

Q: Why did the total support for ICU decline this year from previous years?
A: There are three reasons: (1) In FY2016-17, JICUF prepaid half of the FY2017-18 mortgage payment for the Global House/Othmer Library; (2) The replacement for the Othmer Chair in the Natural Sciences, who retired last year, has not yet been named; and (3) scholarship funding for the new JICUF Global Scholarships program were sent in early FY2018-19 and were not sent to ICU during FY2017-18.
Q: How are contributions to the Japan ICU Foundation from ICU alumni and friends used?

A: 100% of all contributions from alumni and friends are used to support programs that align with our mission and approved by our trustees. These gifts are tax-deductible for U.S. tax purposes.

For complete financial statements, audited by Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly, LLP, please contact the Japan ICU Foundation at information@jicuf.org.


$10,000 and above

Atsuko & Akira Fujimoto

$5,000 to $9,999

George & May Wang, Anonymous

$2,000 to $4,999

Benjamin & June Duke, Violet Kuroki, Yasuyuki & Judy Owada, Scott Pardee, Shyanne & Kurt Roeloffs, Weimin Yuan

$1,000 to $1,999

Masako & Jeff Carpenter, Elizabeth Conant, Machi Fukuyama Dilworth, Noriko Iwase, Kazuko & Chad Love, Yoshiro Matsuo, Hiroshi Okabe, Delores & Jon Roeder, Byron Sugahara, Mario Toyotoshi, Takeshi Ueshima


Joan Ericson, Steven Ericson, Paul Hastings & Debbie Wissel, Fred & Eleanor Honaman, Shoji Kent Ikeda, Mitsuhiro & Kaede Kaneda, Elizabeth Landerholm, Anne Love, Kaori McDaniel, Nakako Memon, David & Zenora Rackham, Atsuko Rasic, Yasuyo Satoh, Hallam Shorrock, Jr., John Coventry Smith, Jr., Kenichiro & Miya Yamada


Michael H. Armacost, Thomas Benson, Mikiko Davis, Lisa & Charles Dent, Lois Geeslin, Danny Ha, David Hart, Yoshikuni Igarashi, Phyllis Larson, David & Kaori Lee, Yasuko Moyer, Sawa Nakagawa, Ryo Nakamura, Izumi & Michael Osawa-Minevich, Mieko Peek, Peter & Amy Prahar, Curt Pullen, Mary & Bruce Rigdon, Samuel & Connie Shepherd, Haruko Shino, Yuko Sugiyama Lynch, Tomoko Takahashi, Harumi Takahashi, Valerie Hoffman Takai, Hiroko Matsushima Williams, Anonymous


Jacquelyne Alexander, Annie Awanohara, Satomi Ban, Elizabeth Bryant, Po-chuen & Lillian Chan, Keita Ebisu, Yoko Murayama Eide, Namiko Golden, Dorothy Goldman, Dale Haworth & Karen Beall, Shizuko Kitagawa, Yumi Koga, Tomoko Komada, George & Joan Lewis, Margery Mayer, Takako Miyazaki, Sam & Anne Ng, Tomoko Nishioka, Samuel Nukazawa, Kiyo Okazaki, Kazumi & Robert Pestka, Lukas Pichl, Clair Jenson (on behalf of Lona Sato), Susan Schmidt, George & Etsuko Schulenberg, Kazuko Shimizu, Seiichi Shinomiya, Mari Snyder, Colin Teraoka, Dorothy G. Thomason, Jinx Tong, Kenichi & Deborah Ujie, Junko Usuba, Louise & Laurence Woodruff, Shinji Yamada

Below $100

Regis & Marilyn Birckbichler, James Canfield, Jim Cogswell, Ayako Cone, Carmen Dagnino, Dorothy Gibbs, Owen Gingerich, Thomas & Carol Hastings, Masako Kawashima, Doris Kersten, Paul Kidder, Shirley Kondo, Shinobu Kusakabe, Tsuyoshi Ohyama, Norman Olson, Kurt & Leslie Thompson, Carolyn Treadway, Aya Yabe-Duruz, Anonymous

Corporations, organizations & memorial funds

Alice Everett Davis Trust, April Ann Manzinger Endowment Fund, Elrick Williams Memorial Fund, Iqbal & Shelby Mamdani Foundation, J.U. & Hazel Simmons Scholarship Fund, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation



The Dr. Hachiro Yuasa Society was formed to recognize those thoughtful graduates and friends who make an estate gift or other form of deferred gift to the Japan ICU Foundation.

Tamiko & Harvey Anderson
Jean Ando
Hatsuya Azumi
Arthur & Danita Bauer
Ray & Hazel Bayley
Thomas Benson
Emily Clifford Jackson
Benjamin & June Duke
Joan Ericson
Atsuko & Akira Fujimoto
Margaret Garrison
Fred & Eleanor Honaman
Douglas Melick
Hiroshi & Ikuko Mizukami
Nancy Mulford
Yasuyuki & Judy Owada
John Pearson
David Pittle
Peter & Amy Prahar
Delores & Jon Roeder
Shyanne & Kurt Roeloffs
Hallam Shorrock
Lin & David Vikner
Louise & Laurence Woodruff


The Taizanso Society honors donors who have made cumulative contributions to the Japan ICU Foundation totaling more than $100,000.

Henry Berman
Atsuko & Akira Fujimoto
Donald & Mildred Topp Othmer
Fumiko & Yukihiko Sasaki

Thank you to all of those who generously supported our work this past year. We rely on the ongoing support of ICU’s alumni and friend community in North America. The donations listed here were received between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

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